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Dental disease is very common in cats and dogs. We now know that dental disease such as tartar build up and gingivitis causes extreme pain and discomfort, and is directly related to the overall health of your pet. Extractions of diseased, broken, loose, or infected teeth are often necessary and cannot be adequately detected before the pet is under anesthestic, had an initial cleaning and dental x-rays. Extracting diseased teeth are critical for maintaining kidney and heart health, as well as comfort. Just like at the human dentist, we do a thorough assessment of the mouth, take full mouth x-rays using digital x-ray, and use an ultrasonic dental machine to do a thorough dental cleaning for your pets! 


Signs of Dental Disease:

- Odorous breath

- Difficulty eating 

- Excessive drooling or salivation 

- Pawing at the mouth